#1 Clanrules von Odin 20.05.2006 19:28


English rules ( sorry for the bad english but i hope you understand )

1-We are not Pirates ! we dont steel cargo from other Players
2.We dont atack Players without warning, only when he is on our Blacklist because he has killed one of us first
3.When you want to fight vs. another player then ask for PvP, a Player vs Player Match
4.When a Member has trouble everybody must help him
5.It is not ok to be in two clans on the same server !
6.look on server Forum for Serverrules and obay them
7.help new members when they need information or something
8.No PvP against lower class Players
9.In anay case obay the ordesrs of the leader and co leader
10. Dont play with a NordVolk acc on other Server !

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